• EULIS-URS Workshop

    10-12 May 2018, Madrid, Spain

Welcome to the EULIS-URS Workshop

The workshop aims to convene the best of the best in the field for the highly-significant scientific exchange of the latest advances in ureteroscopic management of kidney and ureteral calculi.

Dear friends and colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the upcoming “EULIS educational and training workshop for uretero (reno)scopic stone management.”  We have gathered an excellent faculty of internationally renowned experts from EULIS board and working groups who will share their valuable skills and know-how with you.

This EULIS standardised workshop offers the best in the basic principles and clinical applications of ureteroscopic as well as retrograde intrarenal treatment of reno-ureteral stones. During the workshop, you will explore numerous scientific developments and clinical applications in the endourological ureteroscopic management of both ureteric and renal stones through state-of-the-art lectures, panel discussions, hands-on training (HOT) courses and live surgery demonstrations.

Boost your knowledge through the scientific exchange on new advances both in the instrumentation as well as clinical application of uretero(reno)scopic procedures in reno-ureteral stones. In fact, your participation is highly encouraged! This particular workshop provides a good opportunity to watch the procedures during live surgery performance by the well-known experts, apply them in well-developed models and learn more about the “tips and tricks” in the management of ureteric and renal stones with rigid as well as flexible ureteroscopes.

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid!

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The top 3 reasons not to miss the EULIS-URS Workshop

Watch the live surgeries by the experts


Observe the skills and techniques of the best of the best in the uretero(reno)scopic management to boost your knowledge and care of your patients affected by ureteral and renal stones

Get a complete update


Upgrade yourself with key updates and insights from Europe’s leading experts through educational panel discussions, thought-provoking debates and state-of-the-art presentations,  HOT courses and live surgery performances.

Meet world-class experts


Deliberate and brainstorm with key opinion leaders, and bring home newfound knowledge that will benefit your patients and enhance your clinical practice in the minimal invasive uretero(reno)scopic management of renal and ureteral stones.